Create it, Hide it, Find it Around the world

Finding a MowMow is just the beginning…

What is MowMow

MowMow takes the simple game of painting, hiding and finding rocks and brings it into the digital world, making it even more fun and enjoyable for both children and adults!

With MowMow you can track your rocks, see how many times they have been found and see who has found them too. Our fantastic map function also let’s other users know areas where the rocks are hidden, so they’ve got the best chance possible to start their journey around the globe!

We currently have over 120 stickers and animations that you can add to your painted rock inside the app, these then spring to life in awesome ‘Augmented Reality’ for anyone who finds it out there in the wild! You can even take photos standing alongside these rocks and share them with your friends.

Each rock you paint and add to the MowMow app is given its own name and date of birth – you can even write a short story about it which other users can add to when they find it!

How to Play

It’s so easy to get started – just find yourself a rock, grab some paints and you’re ready to go!

Step one

Find yourself some clean, flat rocks and get creative! Use paints, pens and anything else you can think of to customise your rocks however you wish - there is no limit on what you can produce!

Step two

Install the MowMow app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS) - it’s 100% free (in-app purchases are available but not required) and means you can keep track of every single rock you create, as well as adding some funky stickers and animations too!

Step three

Add your rocks to the app and then hide them for others to find, then watch as your rocks travel far and wide! Check out the rules of play!

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