MowMow Rocks - Augmented RealityMowMow rocks is a BRAND NEW Augmented Reality Rock Painting Game App, designed to add a new twist to the hugely popular rock painting phenomenon. MowMow Rocks mixes Pokémon Go with geocaching to produce a magic experience for all players. 

How does Augmented Reality work with Rock painting?

MowMow Rocks is a real-world, creative and outdoor game aimed to encourage children to be outside exploring their surroundings. This is why Augmented Reality with rock painting hiding and finding brings an amazing experience as it places a virtual object into the real world. When a MowMow Rock has been found,  see your camera open, try to find the AR rock using your device, and see it come to life with the virtual stickers that had been added. Stand with the rock and have your photo taken. Make sure to share the image with all your friends.

Create your Augmented Reality Painted Rock

To get started, Download the FREE rock painting game app for Android or IOS Log in using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account or simply create your FREE MowMow account. Once logged in,Simply press the ‘Create’ button to take a photo of your rock and to add from a selection of over 120 unique stickers ranging from boys sticker packs to arms and legs, so be as creative as you can!  Once complete, you Augmented reality image is stored, and ready to be hidden.

Finding an Augmented Reality Painted Rock

Once a physical rock has been found from the Geocache MowMap, the camera will open allowing you to scan the area around you looking for the MowMow to come to life. Once found, all the animations will play, and the found MowMow will come to life before your very eyes.  Congratulations – You have found your augmented reality MowMow 🙂 dont forget to take your photo with it, and share.   Happy Hunting 🙂

Download the FREE Augmented Reality Rock Painting Game App

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