MowMow Rocks Geocache game Map MowMow rocks is a BRAND NEW Geocaching Rock Painting Game App, aimed to help rock painting game lovers across to globe to find and track their painted rocks.

How does Geocaching work with Rock painting?

MowMow Rocks is a real-world, creative and outdoor game aimed to encourage children to be outside explore their surroundings.

To play, participants use the MowMow rocks app to navigate around their location to find hidden MowMow rocks placed by others users. When a MowMow is found, the hider is notified, and the rock is removed from play.¬† You can then hide the rock again somewhere different, or you can keep it.. The choice is yours. ūüôā

There are currently over 2000 hidden painted rocks in the MowMow app waiting to be found, some could be near to you. so why not go MowMow hunting today?

 To Play MowMow with GeoCache

To get started,

Download the FREE Geocaching Rock Painting Game App

Download MowMow Rocks on google playDownload MowMow Rocks on the app store

Log in using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account or simply create your FREE MowMow account. Once logged in, to search for MowMows near to you, select Find to display the MowMap where each MowMow will be displayed.

No MowMows near to you? No problem,  why not be the first to hide your geocached painted rock. Follow our MowMow Painted Rock guide to adding a rock to the app.

Once your MowMow is in your vault, select Hide to show your current location on a map.¬† Make sure to zoom in as close as possible as GPS on mobile devices isn’t exact.¬† When you’r happy, click next and leave a clue if needed. Don’t forget to actually leave the painted in this location though.

Then Congratulations, your done..¬† Your MowMow has now been hidden for someone to find..¬† Don’t forget to share on social media..¬† Happy MowMow hunting everyone..