How to Play MowMow Rocks – Create

First step  – Create your rock!

MowMow Rocks - Create your rocks

Find yourself some clean, flat rocks and get creative! Use paints, pens and anything else you can think of to customise your rocks however you wish – there is no limit on what you can produce! Don’t forget to write ‘MowMow’ on the base of your rock 🙂

Step two – Install the app

Install the MowMow app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS) – it’s 100% free and means you can keep track of every single rock you create, as well as adding some funky stickers and animations too!

Step three – Add your rock to the app

Once you have registered, you’re ready to rock!

Simply press the ‘Create’ button to take a photo of your rock – you can either choose an image from your camera roll or use the device camera to capture your photo. All images are then quickly scanned by the application to ensure they don’t contain any inappropriate content or nasties.

Next, you are presented with the option to personalise your rock with stickers and animations from our fantastic sticker packs! There are lots to choose from – sports packs, dinosaurs, pirates, girl power and even a pack for you gamers out there! These animations appear in fantastic augmented reality for anyone who finds your rock using the app, so be as creative as you can!

The final ‘Create’ screen lets you give your rock a name, a date and place of birth – you can even add your own tags if you like! Don’t forget to write the first part of your rocks’ story – each new person that finds the rock can add their own part to the story too.

Well done you have created your first rock and it’s waiting in your vault to be hidden!!!

How To Play MowMow Rocks – Hide 

Next step – Hide your rock!

MowMow Rocks - Hide your painted rock

Your newly created rock will be sat waiting to be hidden in your vault – simply click ‘Hide’ when you are ready to place your rock in the outside world!

The map screen will open up and show your location. Hide your real rock somewhere in the real world, then, using Geocaching, mark it on the map on the app. Zoom in as close as you can then click ‘Next’ – you can write a short clue if you think it will help others to find your fantastic creation!

Congratulations your rock is now hidden – you will be notified when it’s found!

How To Play MowMow Rocks – Find

Searching for a rock nearby

Search for any rocks in your immediate location by pressing ‘Find’. This opens the map and shows your location, along with any rocks that are nearby. Use the map to help you find the real rock in the real world – if you’re struggling then you can click the rock icon on the app to see a clue to help too!

Found a rock? Great! Pick up the real rock and take it with you – it’s yours now to keep or hide again!

Click the icon on the map and mark it as found – you’ll get get a point reward and also see the rock spring to life on your camera screen! This sends a message to whoever hid it in the first place to let them know – they’ll be very happy to see where it goes next!!!

This rock will now sit in your ‘Hide’ area and can be rehidden whenever you like…

Searching for a rock elsewhere?

Use the search button to check a location or postcode – see where rocks are hidden around the world!

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