Love painting rocks in the UK

Do you Love Painting On Rocks in the UK?

I know we do, and that is why we have created MowMow rocks. A FREE to play and download mobile app that has be designed with those who currently play the rock painting game in mind. 

As working parents, we both have young children who currently play the rock painting game. However, like most people, were finding it frustrating not knowing where the rocks where hidden or if any of ours had actually been found. 

We spoke to many of the rock groups around the world and identified lots of other frustrations that the majority of people where experiencing. This includes :-

  •  Not knowing if your rock had been found? 
  •  How far your rock had travelled? 
  •  If any rocks where around me
  •  A single place to store all the fabulous designs

So, we decided to build a rock painting game app that could resolve and enhance the game to work along side your amazing rock groups. 

As part of the MowMow Rock Painting app, we include a geocache map showing where all the hidden rocks are around your current location. Once a rock has been found, we use Augmented Reality to really bring the rock to life!  Stand next to your rock and take a photo,  not forgetting to share it to all your friends. 

As this is aimed at children, we also use the latest in AI technology to scan all the rock images before they are posted. This is just to ensure that things are ALWAYS kept PG rated.. 

We hope you you all enjoy being part of the MowMow family..

Team MowMow x

If you Love Painting On Rocks in the UK download the FREE rock painting app today

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MowMow Rocks Co-Founder