MowMow Rocks Safety Guidelines

We want everyone, from adults to children to families all across the world to have fun whilst playing MowMow.

When playing MowMow it’s important to not only have fun but also to remain safe at all times. We have therefore provided some helpful safety tips and MowMow Rocks Safety Guidelines.

  • Always ensure when you play MowMow it has your full attention. Take regular breaks and rests to ensure your concentration and energy levels remain high. Do not attempt to play whilst undertaking other activities whereby MowMow does not have your full attention. For example, do not play MowMow whilst driving a car, riding a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or doing anything else that requires your full attention.
  • Do not create MowMow’s that others may find offensive, this includes taking photos, writing comments or recording videos that breach our terms. Please respect other MowMow users at all times, keeping it a fun and an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Do not attempt to hide or find MowMow’s in places that appear unsafe, dangerous or not easily accessible. For example, in construction sites, private properties, busy roads, near trainlines, lakes or rivers. There are always more MowMow’s to find in safe locations so never put yourself or others in danger. To report a MowMow in an unsafe location please notify us by completing this form.
  • Please ensure you always get permission before taking pictures of others or recording video of others and sharing this within MowMow.
  • If you are a child (under the age of 13), please do not play MowMow alone. Always make a parent or a responsible adult you trust aware that you are playing the game and of your location and whereabouts at all times. Always ensure you have their full permission before playing MowMow.
  • Do not meet or approach people you do not know alone or without the knowledge or permission of others. Always ensure someone knows your whereabouts when you are outside playing MowMow.
  • Only access public places when playing MowMow. Do not attempt to access private places or private property when playing in particular do not hide and attempt to find Mow Mow’s in non-public spaces. Always be considerate and respectful of the private property of others.
  • Always set your privacy settings to a level that you a comfortable with. Do not give out personal and private details to people you do not know or trust. Protect your personal information by keeping you passwords safe and secure at all times.
  • If you see something whilst playing MowMow that makes you feel unsafe, concerned, upset or worried then please notify us immediately by completing this form.

We recommend the following resources for more information and helpful advice on staying safe:

  • Internet Matters – Helping parents keep their children safe online.
  • NSPCC – Online safety advice for parents to help keep kids safe when using the Internet.
  • Childline – Staying safe online.

We hope these safety guidelines help you to keep safety in mind at all times when playing MowMow.

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We hope you, your friends and family have fun and enjoy playing MowMow

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