MowMow Rocks - Rock Painting Game App MowMow Rocks – A Rock Painting App

MowMow is a fantastic new FREE Geocaching mobile Rock Painting App which combines Augmented Reality technology with a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek. Our main aim is to encourage family time together allowing a child to explore their creativity resulting in a fun activity that gets children moving outside in the real world!

We believe that family time and out door play are important in a child’s development, all forming part of a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. Children who do regularly play outdoors have been shown to be happier, healthier, more confident and less anxious too!

Painting has been proven to also have positive effects with children with autism as it allows them to not only express themselves, but can have a calming effect and also strengthens their motor skills. 

MowMow Rocks builds on the popular children’s activity of painting rocks and leaving them for people to find with a new modern day twist.

Love painting Rocks, Why build a rock painting mobile app?

Amazing features are available as part of the app which include:-

  • GPS locate and find map
  • Augmented Reality to really bring your MowMow to life
  • Unique customisations including virtual sticker pack, giving your MowMow a name, date of birth and writing a short story

Download the FREE Rock painting App

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MowMow Rocks Feed MowMow Rocks Augmented Reality MowMow Rocks Maps

All this in one simple to use mobile app, helped along the way with our friendly MowMow characters.