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Why not try a new School Painting Activity by painting rocks and let a child’s imagination take them on a journey.

At MowMow, we believe that it’s important encourage our children to use their imagination, exercise and to move more, which is why we have teamed up with UKActive to help provide a new unique initiative for schools making it fun, exciting and magical.  We aim to target not only physical inactivity in the summer holidays, but also to address major concerns over ‘holiday hunger’, learning loss, personal development and mental health in young people.

School Painting Activity Resource Pack

Feel free to download our school painting activity resource pack to get you started.  This includes our flyer, stickers and three design sheets to practice your design before putting paint to rock!

MowMow Rocks Believe :-

  • Time outside is an important part of an active lifestyle – children who regularly play outdoors have been shown to be happier, healthier, more confident and less anxious too.
  • We strongly believe in the key objective of getting children to move more – it’s at the heart of the MowMow project as a whole.
  • Our application combines latest technologies with a good old fashioned game of hide and seek – resulting in a fun activity that gets children moving outside in the real world. Discovering new places and developing that sense of wonder and adventure is a vital part of any childhood – MowMow gives children another reason to get outside and explore!
  • Our fantastic step counter and leader-board features enable each child to track the distance they have walked – whilst also giving them the added incentive of being able to compete with their friends and family along the way.
  • MowMow is a countrywide initiative, with the aim of triggering a chain reaction within schools, local communities, children’s clubs and families in general – encouraging each other to get involved and get active!

Get in touch if you would like more information, and we’ll soon get you rock and rolling!.

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